Smile! You're on camera

Sunday, September 02, 2012   by: Jamie LyleThe issue of the public security cameras came into play at city council this Monday evening.

The City has been investigating the installation and use of security cameras in the downtown core to help police deter and monitor crime.

Each year, council sets aside money out of the capital budget to improve the downtown area and are looking at these funds to supply the $30,000-40,000 it would cost to install the cameras.

The use of cameras is a modern tool used by police forces around the world to reduce high crime areas.

While the locations and use of the cameras has not been determined, council has begun to study how to best serve the area and reduce crime.

Mayor Al McDonald says it's best for people not to turn a blind eye to crime and this will help identify anyone thinking of using this area.

McDonald says that it's his hope that by installing and monitoring on goings in the downtown area, law enforcement will be able to better control crime within that area of the city.

While nobody wants to be burdened with the cost or inconvenience of a camera system on private individuals in the street, sending the message and having the tools to enforce as zero tolerance policy towards crime outweighs most people's concerns.
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Drewsky 9/2/2012 6:25:04 PM Report

I think cameras are a good idea, starting with the downtown core and working its way out to the main streets and then side streets. Other major cities have it and we should too. Especially with all these assaults that's been happening lately.
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