Sports Comments for Monday, Feb. 18 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013   by: Sports ResponseThis editorial feature is for you to comment on topical sports stories you may have seen here on BayToday.ca or in other media.
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buttons 2/18/2013 9:31:17 AM Report

..great response in period 3 after a questionable officials call of non goal..kicked in..needed a huddle with linesmen who were covering lines far away..Lakers looked good and fast..best team fer sure!!!!!
Green &White 2/18/2013 10:52:26 AM Report

Hey I see they say the next game will be the 27th of Feb. is that right or is this a misprint?? Have to make some work arrangments to make it to the game and don't want an incorrect date!
buttons 2/18/2013 11:17:37 AM Report

oua website.....game 1 for lakers...ths wed....not the 27
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