Kevin Pecore

Kevin PecoreAuthor, philanthropist, and part-time welder and psychic, Kevin J Pecore, (often better known by his pen name 'Samuel 'Banana Boat 'Clemens) is not a man with tremendous upper body strength.
Since his celebrated birth in Lily's Brothel, Bait Shop & Sears Outlet in Mattawa, Ontario, he has never been to Berlin, although he hears good things. His first novel, written while floating around in multiple rent-controlled uteri, was the 4000 plus page novel — The Fisherman’s Ennui. It was universally panned by literary critics as a sloppy mess of moronic bullshit, run-on sentences, and mixed metaphors. During the Julian Ernst trial, when instructed by District Attorney Libby Alcott to state his profession to the packed courtroom, he replied: “humour writer.” In the now famous exchange, the presiding Honourable Judge Henry Bonner sardonically requested Pecore to privilege the court with a joke. Pecore replied: "I fart and you choke, your honour" which netted him nine day sentence for 3rd Degree Contempt of Court in the First Degree. "I'm funnier on paper," he lamented. During his incarceration he completed three one-man plays, a poem about running away from Alberta and his current anthology of essays — Annus Miserabilis. His new novel Rights of Survivorship was recently awarded the Wallace Lily award for fiction. For book sales and more insight into the mind of mediocrity, visit online at Email:

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