Bob Bartlett : Joanne Part 2

Thursday, February 14, 2013   by: StaffAnd then I saw a shooting star,
Up in the sky so far!
Sailing along at the speed of light,
Could it be the ‘Starship Morning Star’?

Joanne will cross the ‘Milky Way’,
At a million miles an hour.
She’ll be trading in the ‘Morning Star’,
For a rocketship of power!

And when she gets to the ‘Pearly Gates’
St. Peter will welcome her in.
He wil say,’Well done, Joanne!’
‘Your heavenly life is about to begin!’

I had the strangest dream last night.
It seemed so real to me.
I was talking to Joanne on the telephone.
It was from here to Eternity!

The reception was n’t very good
So I had to let her go.
It seemed she was calling from so far away,
I guess I’ll never know...

Joanne idolized our grandchildren.
They are a wonderful gift to receive.
Meg and Josh, Samantha and Amelia,
Are at the centre of Joannes’ heart I believe.

Joanne was a licenced sailboat captain.
And has sailed all around the world.
She loved to sail on the wide open sea
And to see the ‘ Spinnaker’ unfurled!

She once sailed over to Japan,
From Hong Kong, in her brand-new sailboat,
Where she and Steven got caught in a big typhoon,
And were lucky to remain afloat!

They managed to sail to a sheltered harbour,
Where they waited out the storm,
Then continued on with their voyage again,
When they were dry and fed and warm!

Joannes’ father was a city policeman
In Port Arthur, which is now Thunder Bay.
She loved to visit with her dear old dad,
Before he passed away.

Joannes’ dad was a war vet too,
He was ’over there’ for five long years.
When he got back, he joined the police force,
And he was known as ‘Pop’ by his peers.

Joannes’ mother Sally lives in St. Catherines,
And her brother Jim lives there too.
Sally will be ninety-five years old next month,
Joanne loved her unconditionally and true.

Joanne meant many things to many people
And everyone had their reasons,
But the thing that stands out for me the most;
She was a good true friend for all seasons!

Joanne did n’t care for Canadian winters, very much,
So down to Mexico she loved to go.
Of course she made many good friends there too,
Returning home after the melting of our snow!

As we dwell on our everyday trials and tribulations
And on our earthly problems and woes,
We will always have Joannes’ shining light,
To guide us wherever we may go!

I am thinking of some of the many things,
That made Joanne so terrific
And about the many goals she accomplished in her life,
Including sailing across the Pacific!

When Joanne was all finished with high school,
She went to business college at the ‘Lakehead’.
She could write so fast in ‘short-hand’
And record everything that was said!

Joanne used to work in a restaurant called ‘Murrays’,
In Port Arthur when she was a ‘teen’.
The owner and the staff really liked her a lot,
Because she was so happy, never creating a scene!

Joanne was also a wonderful cook.
Her homemade bread, pies and cookies were delicious!
She would find some green onions from out in the yard,
For a salad to place on our dishes!

Joanne once owned a tourist resort,
In Panama quite near the ‘Canal’.
She would conduct sailing and diving tours there
And she spoke Spanish to all her friends and her pals!

I consider myself so very lucky,
To have known a friend like Joanne.
She taught me so much in our time togeather
And to become a better man!

She always loved and supported me,
Even when I failed and faltered.
I’ll always be thankful, ‘till my time has come,
That we were united at the alter.

As we shed tears for our Joanne,
Unashamedly as we are togeather.
Remember, Joanne is smiling down at us
And we will be in her heart forever.

I see Joanne, in Dianne and Steven
And all of our grandchildren too.
The honesty, intelligence, decency, integrity
And Joannes’ adventurous spirit is shining through!

So it’s goodbye to Joanne, at least for the now,
As we try to follow the example that she set.
Perhaps, someday we will meet her again,
We are not finished our voyage just yet!

Rest In Peace Joanne,
Vaya Con Dios,
Love, Bob.
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