Bob Bartlett : Joanne Part 1

Friday, February 15, 2013   by: StaffWhen I first became aquainted with Joanne,
It was in the winter time.
She was drinking a cup of coffee in a restaurant,
In North Bay, with a friend of mine.

It’s funny how we know these things,
When someone looks at you ‘that’ way.
And when Joanne looked at me,
I scarcely knew what to say.

I can still see the blue coat she was wearing,
That complimented her eyes so fine.
And I thought to myself,’who could this be?’
That has captured this cold heart of mine!

I knew she had me, right from the start,
And I was so instantly ‘smitten’.
I was like putty in her hands, a love-sick puppy,
Or like a little red-headed baby kitten!

She smiled at me with that beautiful smile,
And I knew we’d be friends for life.
I could hardly believe how lucky I was,
Could Joanne someday be my wife?

Joanne and I were married some few months later
And so began our life togeather.
From North Bay Ont., to Thunder Bay,
In sunny or stormy weather.

Joanne was a very positive person.
I’ve honestly never heard her complain.
She always looked on the brighter side
And convinced me to do the same.

Joanne was very intelligent,
In business and in ‘life-lessons’.
She always knew just what to say,
In personal and private sessions.

Joanne loved our children very much.
They were truly the light of her life.
Dianne and Steven were very special to her,
And Joannes’ smile would light up the night!

Joanne was really a ground-breaking free-spirit
And could always think ‘outside the box’.
From office manager to sailboat ‘skipper’,
An entrepreneur who loved friendly talks!

Joanne always understood me,
In our time togeather that we shared.
When she looked deep into my heart and soul,
Like no one else could have dared!

As memories come flowing from out of the past,
That are etched into my mind forever,
Joanne will always stay with me here,
For now and always and ever!

When I received the sad news this morning,
That I never wanted to hear,
Our son Steven told me so eloquently,
That his mothers’ time was near.

I thank the Lord for Stevens’ strength
And how he cared for his mother!
He made her life as comfortable as he could,
And she appreciated him as she did no other.

I’d like to ask Dianne and Steven to read these few words,
If they could so graciously consider,
At the celebration of Joannes life,
Where so many of her friends will be with her.

Joanne was such a lovely person,
Every day and every night.
I’ll never forget her beautiful hair
And her shining smile so bright!

Although we parted after several years,
Joanne was still my soul-mate best friend,
As we talked about our common interests,
Until her very untimely end.

Joanne was ready to leave this mortal life,
When she passed away today.
Just one month away from her birthday,
Which is on the sixteenth day of May.

I think I knew Joanne was leaving us,
Her battle was just too enormous to win.
But she fought so hard with determination and will power,
Can we ever see such strength of character again?

When I visited Joanne in the hospital,
She was very weak but still managed to smile.
She had an all-knowing sense of spirit,
That was constant all of the while.

Can we dare to stretch our imaginations ?
Can we draw some parallels here?
Joanne passed away on ‘Titanics’ anniversary!
We’ll keep both legacies forever near.

Joanne had very many good friends,
From all around the world big and small.
They knew that her heart was so good and so kind,
And they loved her dearly one and all.

As we bid ‘Godspeed’ to Joanne,
She’ll be going on a heavenly trip;
Navigating by a million ‘starshots’,
On her sailboat or on a ‘Clipper’ ship!

When Joanne begins her heavenly voyage,
She’ll say ’Cast off the Starboard line!’
‘I’m running late and I’ve got to get going’
And ‘Thank you for being so kind!’

The stars seemed bigger and brighter last night,
When I was looking up at the sky.
Could it be they were guiding Joanne?
In the twinkling of an eye!

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